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North Wales offers a delightful blend of sports, culture, and family-friendly activities. From outdoor adventures like hiking and rafting to exploring castles and immersing in cultural attractions, there's something for everyone. Families can enjoy heritage railways, wildlife parks, and sandy beaches. North Wales is a compact and exciting destination with diverse experiences to enjoy.


North Wales boasts two of Wales' UNESCO heritage sites: the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct & canal and the Edwardian castles and walls found in the walled towns of Caernarfon and Conwy. Originally constructed for protection, these remarkable gatehouses and towers now entice tourists.

Portmeirion, an enchanting village conceived by Sir Clough William-Ellis, beckons as a captivating tourist attraction doubling as a holiday resort. Visitors can explore the village in exchange for an admission fee.

Conwy is also home to the Smallest House in Great Britain, recently renovated to allow entry. Measuring a mere 72 inches wide and 122 inches high, this diminutive dwelling offers a glimpse into its historical significance.

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Harlech Castle, situated in Snowdonia and constructed under the patronage of King Edward I, presents unmatched vistas of the surrounding region.

Conwy Castle stands as an authentic fortress, fortified with two gateways, eight towers, grand hall, and further safeguarded by formidable rock formations.

Beaumaris, located in Anglesey, underwent an interrupted construction phase and was eventually completed by the Scots who assumed control. Its unique walls-within-walls design offers a remarkable spectacle.

Nestled in Snowdonia, Caernarfon Castle oversees the River Seiont and holds the distinction of being the birthplace of the first-ever English Prince of Wales. Its distinctive polygonal towers and meticulously coordinated stones render it a truly

one-of-a-kind fortress.

The Llangernyw Yew, situated in Conwy, is widely believed to be the oldest tree in Europe, boasting a circumference of over ten meters. In 2002, it was accurately dated to be between 4000 and 5000 years old. According to local tradition, on each Halloween, the spirit known as Angelystor residing within the tree predicts the names of parishioners who will pass away in the following year.

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St Winefride’s Well in Holywell is a shrine dedicated to the curative waters that miraculously restored Winefride back to life after her decapitation. Surprisingly, the well continues to captivate visitors with its historical significance.

Bardsey Island originated as a monastery in the 6th century and is reputedly the resting place of 20,000 saints, including King Arthur.

St Dyfnog’s Church features a splendid 14th-century architecture and a breathtaking 16th-century stained glass Jesse window.

Gwydir Uchaf Chapel may appear unassuming on the outside, but its interior reveals a mesmerising painted ceiling portraying the Creation, Trinity, and Last Judgement.

Despite being one of the smallest ancient cathedrals in Britain, St Asaph’s Cathedral never fails to impress with its remarkable architecture and exquisite stained glass windows. During the summer, the cathedral hosts music festivals and houses an intriguing collection of religious art and sculpture.

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In North Wales, you are likely to encounter the Welsh language. While it has become a minority language, it remains more prevalent in the north compared to the south, and our dialect differs from the one spoken in southern Wales. In fact, there are four main dialects: Y Wyndodeg, Y Bowyseg, Y Ddyfedeg, and Y Wehnwyseg.


Experience the captivating fusion of sports, culture, and family-friendly activities in Cumbria. Embark on thrilling outdoor adventures like hiking and rafting, explore magnificent castles, and immerse yourself in cultural attractions. Delight in the charm of heritage railways, wildlife parks, and sandy beaches, making Cumbria a compact and exhilarating destination with a wealth of diverse experiences to savor.




Established in 1796, Kendal Museum proudly stands as one of the oldest museums in Britain. Within its walls, you'll discover an impressive array of natural history artefacts gathered from across the globe. The museum also houses collections highlighting the local archaeology, history, and geology of Kendal and its surrounding areas. Immerse yourself in this treasure trove of knowledge and exploration, and embark on a fascinating journey through time and the natural world at Kendal Museum.


The Gallery, located in a prestigious Grade I listed villa on the picturesque banks of the River Kent, stands as one of Kendal's most significant landmarks. Within its walls, you'll discover two floors of beautifully illuminated spaces, providing the perfect setting to appreciate art. Abbot Hall Gallery not only showcases a remarkable permanent collection but is also renowned for its exceptionally imaginative and independently curated temporary exhibitions. With a reputation that rivals even London's art scene, Abbot Hall is a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts seeking a captivating and diverse artistic experience.


Brewery Arts, renowned worldwide as a premier arts venue, proudly presents a dynamic and eclectic program. Our offerings encompass a wide range of captivating experiences, including theatre performances, comedy shows, live music concerts, cinema screenings, exhilarating dance showcases, free exhibitions, and engaging workshops. Furthermore, we proudly host several of Kendal's festivals and events, adding to the vibrant cultural tapestry of our town. Regardless of your preferences, we are confident that Brewery Arts will provide something enjoyable and memorable during your visit.


Discover the La'al Studio Gallery, an artist-led space showcasing the works of talented artists and makers from the South Lakes region. With four resident artists specializing in printmaking and painting, alongside invited guest artists, our gallery offers a vibrant collection of original artwork and cards. Visit us four to five days a week and immerse yourself in the creative wonders of the La'al Studio Gallery.


Welcome to CoolCrafting, the home of Luna Lapin and a treasure trove of contemporary fabrics, crafting kits, and yarns. Explore our beautiful shop just off Kendal's Market Square for all your haberdashery needs. Join our creative courses in the 1st-floor workshop and connect with fellow knitters at our weekly Makers Circle. Get inspired and indulge in the joy of crafting at CoolCrafting.

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